Wednesday, May 02, 2007

7 bad habbits!!

This is a blog challenge from a wonderful site I belong to. Check out thier monthly kits at 2Jills!

This weeks challenge is to list 7 good or bad habbits you have!
Well it's much easier for me to list the bad ones than to think of good ones!

1. I let the laundry pile up way too high.
2. I am addicted to the Gene Simons Family Jewels show.
3. I procrastinate assignments till the last minute, but I work best under pressure.
4. I have to get moving right a way in the morning or the whole day is shot if I sit down on the couch.
5. I have so many ideas and plans and never fallow through with them.
6. When DH askes if I will go to the Hardware store with him, which is daily. The first think I think about is a cand bar! Now I can't leave the store with out one?
7. I have lost touch with so many good friends for lack of picking up the phone.