Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Memory Trends Gear UP is on!!

Whoo HOoo in 10 days I will be on a plane to Memory Trends~! I am so excited to see all the new products from all the amazing companies out there! This will be my 3rd trip to Vegas in one year! I so wanted to go to Heart and Huntington to get a tatoo while I was there! I am totally addicted to that show INKed!! But I looked it up online and due to the second season of taping and the growing popularity of the show you have to show up early in the morning before they even open and put your name on a list and wait! That doesn't even gaurentee you get a tatoo that day! Not to mention it isn't on the strip, it's in the Palms hotel which is off the strip with nothing around it. So you can't really even leave the Palms, since you have to check back in every hour to keep your name on the list! I am alittle bumbed! I wanted a Prima Flower toe ring!

Any way I am so excited to get busy with the products for the booths for Around the Block, Prima Marketing, Therm O Web adheisves, Pentel and Trace Industries. It would be nice if product samples for show release were availabe to us sooner but that is the nature of the buisness I guess! So I am still waiting for 3 of the companies products and then it's crunch time!

Any way I hope you guys have a great weekend! I am off to the Nascar race and will be home Monday! Which leaves me exactly 7 days to get everthing done that I need for Vegas Baby!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Tuesday Morning!

Huge Congrats go out to the 2 winners of the KI Memories contest! I can't wait to see the winning entries! I am thrilled to be a finalist! I will be receiving an Ipod, some Ipod socks, one of every one of the Color Theory Line of products from KI Memories! I am thrilled to have been a part of that amazing list of talent even if it was only for 2 weeks.

Now on a personal note: the stripped kitten is not doing so well. I have been nursing it with kitten formula every 2 hours day and night for the last 3 days! Wish me luck with that one. LOL The boys are just freaking out!

I have alot of work to get done downstairs this week. So this will be a short entry and I will post more when I have anything I think you would be interested in!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's a Boy! It's a Girl???? LOL

So now I am all recovered and down in my studio "getting ready to be really creative"! And my cat is all over me? I mean rolling on my counter top? Where I am trying to work! And she is like climbing me? Standing up in my face and licking my lips? Not like her at all! All of a sudden I look at my pattern paper I am working with and there is a smear on it? What is that? I of course stick my finger in it for further examination! Is that blood? I of course smell it! and no I didn't go as far as my husband with the spots on the drive way that drive him CRAZY and taste it!! But realize it's blood, from her? OMGosh she is having a kitten! Yep before I can get her off the countertop in my studio out one comes!!! Right there~!

She ended up with 3 so far! But "I" can't believe for as big as she was and still is that 3 is all she had in there! She is a Selkirk Rex which is a curly haired large boned cat! I know 2 are curly haired like her for sure and will have to further examine the 3rd. But wanted to give her some privacy! I already had the camera in her face! She is quite used to THAT though!

Here they are!
One is Gray called Blue in the cat world, and it is curly like her.
One is Striped called Tiger and I am not sure if she is curly
One is Black and White Tuxedo like the mom and she is curly also!

I HAD to add this last Butt shot!! Is that the cutests little butt you have ever seen or what????

Monday, September 11, 2006

Huge Thank you to everyone!

The surgery went very well last week and I am healing up great! I am heading down to my studio to get busy this monday morning!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has kept me in their prayers, it was a scary time for me. The Dr. said all the lumps looked good and I will get the official word on Wednesday!

I also wanted so say a little something for those who lost family members 5 years ago today! This is a day that will haunt Americans for the hystory of America. We are strong and we will heal and time will make us stronger!

My KI Memories Project is out of my hands and the waiting game begins! The winners, there will be two, will be announced Monday! Whoo hoo~ Congrats to all who entered!

The PubBlog also has the new Manufacturer Challenge Posted! Be sure to check it out!

I am working on some things for Prima, Trace Industries and Around the Block today!
I think I am gonna like having my day's to my self after all~! Although I told my husband it's alittle creepy being home alone and working in the basement by myself! LOL

I hope this beginning of a new month and a new week brings you all happiness!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The saddest happiest day ever!

I have waited 14 years for this day, the day all 3 of my boys would all be in school. I have dreamed of being home alone, of being able to scrap with out interuption, or someone "helping" me. But I can't believe the reaction I am having. I am a weeping mess. I was crying BEFORE I even got out of the car at the Elementary school to drop Trison off to 3rd grade, and Trey off to Kindergarten.

I need to go journal these feelings now while they are still so raw in my head and heart.

In other news. I was camping this weekend and apparently the whole world knew I made the KI Memories Finalist list! I was so excited to get my messages and "get the call"! Typical! I would miss my first call, from a major contest! LOL!

But I am so thrilled to be a finalist and can't wait to see who the grand prize winner is on September 18th~

So I am off to pack up my album and get it shipped off to KI Memories for judging! Whoo hoo!

In other news I am having a biopsy on Thursday so keep me in your prayers that everything comes back ok... Thank you to those who have commented on this! It means alot to me to know there are people out there that care! Please know I am also keeping you and yours in my thoughgts and prayers too!