Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Honey I am home!!

I had the most amazing time at CHA!! I have to thank Wendy for the awesome job she did with the designer reception! I loved meeting everyone!

I met so many people I wanted to meet up with! I met new people that will be forever friends and I missed some of the people I wanted to meet up with!

There is so little time and so many friends at shows like this! I appologize if I didn't get enough time with some of you!

The Prima booth was amazing and I had the best time meeting everyone from Prima that I had not spent time with before!
Denny and Sandy you guys are a blast!
Omar, Diego, and Kristen you guys Rock!
Kellie, Kim, Lara, Joy it was a blast working with you and getting to know you better!
Tami and Pom! You are the bestest bosses EVER!!!

Tami invited me back to Memory Trends and I am thrilled to be going with Prima again!

The new products rocked and the customers are simply the best!

Croppers Cottage Peeps!!!
I was lucky enough to have dinner one night with Kim R, Louise R, Marnie B, Carolynn D, Marnie B, Vici M, Mitchell K, Mark C, Scott C, and the rocstar Ethan!

It was a blast and I am blessed to have friends like you guys in my life!

A special note to my other mother!! I am so gratefull to have gotten to see you and spend time with you again!

Candace from Therm O Web that was a blast driving to dinner for hours LOL with you! Lisa F it was so nice to meet another Wisconsonite! I know we will get together again sometime soon!

Lisa Whitten and Misty Diller it was so nice to spend time at the Trace breakfast with you guys and meet everyone! YOu guys have to check out the new products from!!! Your gonna just love the 12x12 chipboard brackets and flowers!!!!

Ok, that is a short version! There are still so many things that happened and people I met that I will be remembering for weeks I am sure!!

A special note to my cousin Lucas Sweeney! I am so sorry I didn't get up north to see you, but I am grateful that the boys got to see you! I am thinking of you eveyday and praying for you on your deployment! I am very proud of you and wish you health and a safe return home after your tour of duty!!!

Antoher speical note to my mother, who is 79 and still took on my 3 boys for 5 days so I could have this amazing opportunity! You are the best and none of this in my life right now could be possible with out you!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heading out to CHA

Woo HOo!!!

Be sure to stop by the Prima Booth and say hello to me! I can't wait to leave tomarrow! I have a ton of things to do today, pack, drive the boys to Mom up north, get my hair done, finish up some layouts for some booths, LOL.

But tomarrow at 5 AM I am out of here! I am looking forward to meeting so many of my online friends~ Some I have met IRL some I have yet to meet!

I can't wait to see:
Cindy Curtis
Kim Rayas
Kim Hughes
Louise Robb
Carolyn Donohue
Marnie Bushmole
Vicki Maloney
Lisa Faluto
Shannon Allor
Mitchell Kraft
Scott Cotner
There are so many many more, that I only know by avatar!

Laura Achillies
Just to name a few.
If you see me please shout out! You are one person I have to meet!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Prima Sneak Peek~~~

This is the summer CHA Prima Sneak Peek~~~

There are 5 sets of chipboard letters with numbers AND punctuations even the @ sign that MATCH the new Prima papers~

Also Check out the New Flowers~~~
They are big honkin ones all the way down to little ones but they are made from the same patters and coordinate with the Prima Paper!!!!
Wow it sure has been long since I updated this, summer happened! We have been going up to camp every weekend and loving the time away! I am busy this week with projects for cha for my dt's and getting ready for the show next week! I saw a challenge on to do a abc lists of yourself and thought it was time to update this...

Obviously I am avoiding my work that needs to be done today! LOL

I am going to just write the first word that comes to my mind that I think describes me! I guess I am all of these things at times.

A. Animated
B. Bitchy
C. Catty
D. Doughty Girl
E. Envious
F. Friendly
G. Giving
H. Hopeless,
I. Intimidated, Inviting
J. Jovial
K. Keeping it all together
L. Lame, Light hearted
M. Motivating, Motionless
N. Nosey, Nice
O. Overwhelmed
P. Precious friend
Q. Queen bee
R. Rational, Reasonable, Resistant,
S. Stay at home Mom
T. Triston, Treyton and Thornton's Mommy
U. upbeat
V. Victorious
W. Weepy
Y. Youthful