Monday, November 20, 2006

This industry????

I stated earlier that my last blog post would be today, there is no particular reason except I am really busy and don't have time to keep this updated. I am not sure why I even started one but I am going to post some things that have been on my mind and leave you with those to think about as I say good bye!

I am putting this on my blog, well because it is MY BLOG and I can do what ever I want on it!

These are some things that have been bothering me for quite some time now and I am just going to put them out there! I hope you get something out of this, sort of what not to do, what to do when working in this industry... according to me, and what do I know anyway!

There are some that use the names of the teams they are on to get in, or have a reason to call other companies, and magazines to get their name out there! Believe me you won't get on the team by calling and calling a company or a magazine! You are only going to make them kringe when they see your name anywhere!!

There are some people that are so caught up in getting published and getting on design teams, I get it! I have been there, I have done that. But where does it end? At what point are you content with where you are? I can say that I am at that point right now. I am finished with the whole who is published most thing! There are women who are out there that are published over 300 times, are they household names? Are they happy? Are they content? Only they can answer that. But for me I would never never hurt someone to get ahead in any industry!

At what cost will you try to make a name for yourself in this industry?

There are some that are so far out there that it amazes me! Some that count replies on message board toots, and wonders why so and so got more replies on thier toot than they did! There are some that count how many replies on other peoples layouts and compare them to others.

There are some who keep literal track of other team members, who got what in the form of product, who got what in the form of money, who got what in the form of opportunities. Let's get this clear right now. When you are on a team, some will get more product than you some times, some will get asked to do special projects, some will get other opportunities from that company. I am going to repeat this in case anyone missed it.
When you are on a team, there will always be some that get different compensation, or producgts, or opportunity! This is business and it is up to the company who does what and who recieves what and you have no right to question that!
Keeping track of team members and questioning the company regarding others is not a good way to keep your job!

It really doesn't look good for you either if you sit by and say nothing when you are the one doing special projects for the company while you are the one doing the "keeping track of others" and "questioning the company about others. If it is good enough for you sometimes then who are you to ask the company about it when it isn't you this time?

Some that literally are so obsessed with what others are doing that they are turning everyone that comes in contact with them off! There are some that will only contact "new friends" because they think they can get something out of them. Some team, some publications, something for themselves.

There are some that get on a team, and instantly try to push and push their way in. They have to know what is going on, who is doing what. When there is an assignment they have to take over. They go above and beyond to make them self stand out! That is not a team player. That kind of behavior doesn't sit well with the rest of the team.
Complaining and keeping track of others short comings is not someone who is easy to work with. Being someone who isn't easy to work with is not a good way to stay working.

There are some that call and call and email editors and company owners, and other members of teams they are on to the point of annoyance! Do they think they are making a name for them selves? Yes they are but not in a good way! They want to be remembered and believe me they are! Believe me people are talking!!

There are some that will be so nice to your face while stabbing you in the back the whole while! What do they think? Do they think that cutting people down behind thier back to makes them look better? Do they think that breaking confidences will get them ahead? Contrary it make you look terrible.
When you cut others down to make yourself look better it can only make you look worse. Even if poeple react like they are interested in what you are saying, they are making a mental note that you are not the type of person they want to work with in the future. People get real sick of hearing someone cut everyone down real fast! Cutting others down and repeating things told in confidence will NEVER get you anywhere in any industry or in life in general for that matter!

I guess my advice is set goals, figure out what you want out of scrapping. Have fun while your accomplishing these goals, make new friends and grow as a person. Be a friend, don't always have to one up someone, or be in competition with them. Do not try to be always in the know, push and push for information. When your on a team, be a team player! Don't try to take over or make yourself stand out, it won't sit well with the rest of the team. Don't say negative things about anyone, don't repeat things told in confidence.
When you come across someone who people keep telling you to stay away from, listen to them. This is a small industry contrary to popular belief and what you do and who you associate with does matter! It will come back to haunt you if their actions are not something you want to be associated with. By all means treat others as you would like to be treated! Back stabbing someone to get ahead will only hurt you in the end!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Prima Sneak Peek Layouts! Memory Trends 06

I have to say thanks to my good friends Scott and Rox for the use of thier adorable models for these layouts!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Memory Trends Gear UP is on!!

Whoo HOoo in 10 days I will be on a plane to Memory Trends~! I am so excited to see all the new products from all the amazing companies out there! This will be my 3rd trip to Vegas in one year! I so wanted to go to Heart and Huntington to get a tatoo while I was there! I am totally addicted to that show INKed!! But I looked it up online and due to the second season of taping and the growing popularity of the show you have to show up early in the morning before they even open and put your name on a list and wait! That doesn't even gaurentee you get a tatoo that day! Not to mention it isn't on the strip, it's in the Palms hotel which is off the strip with nothing around it. So you can't really even leave the Palms, since you have to check back in every hour to keep your name on the list! I am alittle bumbed! I wanted a Prima Flower toe ring!

Any way I am so excited to get busy with the products for the booths for Around the Block, Prima Marketing, Therm O Web adheisves, Pentel and Trace Industries. It would be nice if product samples for show release were availabe to us sooner but that is the nature of the buisness I guess! So I am still waiting for 3 of the companies products and then it's crunch time!

Any way I hope you guys have a great weekend! I am off to the Nascar race and will be home Monday! Which leaves me exactly 7 days to get everthing done that I need for Vegas Baby!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Tuesday Morning!

Huge Congrats go out to the 2 winners of the KI Memories contest! I can't wait to see the winning entries! I am thrilled to be a finalist! I will be receiving an Ipod, some Ipod socks, one of every one of the Color Theory Line of products from KI Memories! I am thrilled to have been a part of that amazing list of talent even if it was only for 2 weeks.

Now on a personal note: the stripped kitten is not doing so well. I have been nursing it with kitten formula every 2 hours day and night for the last 3 days! Wish me luck with that one. LOL The boys are just freaking out!

I have alot of work to get done downstairs this week. So this will be a short entry and I will post more when I have anything I think you would be interested in!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's a Boy! It's a Girl???? LOL

So now I am all recovered and down in my studio "getting ready to be really creative"! And my cat is all over me? I mean rolling on my counter top? Where I am trying to work! And she is like climbing me? Standing up in my face and licking my lips? Not like her at all! All of a sudden I look at my pattern paper I am working with and there is a smear on it? What is that? I of course stick my finger in it for further examination! Is that blood? I of course smell it! and no I didn't go as far as my husband with the spots on the drive way that drive him CRAZY and taste it!! But realize it's blood, from her? OMGosh she is having a kitten! Yep before I can get her off the countertop in my studio out one comes!!! Right there~!

She ended up with 3 so far! But "I" can't believe for as big as she was and still is that 3 is all she had in there! She is a Selkirk Rex which is a curly haired large boned cat! I know 2 are curly haired like her for sure and will have to further examine the 3rd. But wanted to give her some privacy! I already had the camera in her face! She is quite used to THAT though!

Here they are!
One is Gray called Blue in the cat world, and it is curly like her.
One is Striped called Tiger and I am not sure if she is curly
One is Black and White Tuxedo like the mom and she is curly also!

I HAD to add this last Butt shot!! Is that the cutests little butt you have ever seen or what????

Monday, September 11, 2006

Huge Thank you to everyone!

The surgery went very well last week and I am healing up great! I am heading down to my studio to get busy this monday morning!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has kept me in their prayers, it was a scary time for me. The Dr. said all the lumps looked good and I will get the official word on Wednesday!

I also wanted so say a little something for those who lost family members 5 years ago today! This is a day that will haunt Americans for the hystory of America. We are strong and we will heal and time will make us stronger!

My KI Memories Project is out of my hands and the waiting game begins! The winners, there will be two, will be announced Monday! Whoo hoo~ Congrats to all who entered!

The PubBlog also has the new Manufacturer Challenge Posted! Be sure to check it out!

I am working on some things for Prima, Trace Industries and Around the Block today!
I think I am gonna like having my day's to my self after all~! Although I told my husband it's alittle creepy being home alone and working in the basement by myself! LOL

I hope this beginning of a new month and a new week brings you all happiness!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The saddest happiest day ever!

I have waited 14 years for this day, the day all 3 of my boys would all be in school. I have dreamed of being home alone, of being able to scrap with out interuption, or someone "helping" me. But I can't believe the reaction I am having. I am a weeping mess. I was crying BEFORE I even got out of the car at the Elementary school to drop Trison off to 3rd grade, and Trey off to Kindergarten.

I need to go journal these feelings now while they are still so raw in my head and heart.

In other news. I was camping this weekend and apparently the whole world knew I made the KI Memories Finalist list! I was so excited to get my messages and "get the call"! Typical! I would miss my first call, from a major contest! LOL!

But I am so thrilled to be a finalist and can't wait to see who the grand prize winner is on September 18th~

So I am off to pack up my album and get it shipped off to KI Memories for judging! Whoo hoo!

In other news I am having a biopsy on Thursday so keep me in your prayers that everything comes back ok... Thank you to those who have commented on this! It means alot to me to know there are people out there that care! Please know I am also keeping you and yours in my thoughgts and prayers too!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I thought...

I better update this blog, I didn't realize people really read it! LOL Yes the link is no longer active~ Trace had an awesome give away and if you missed it, please ask your Local Scrapbook store to carry it~ You won't be disapointed!

I am alittle off this week, have some medical things going on here. Can't really concentrate on my work! And I have a ton of it to get to! But I guess sometimes life get's in the way of art and that's how it goes!

I am going to force my self down into the studio to see what I can accomplish! Wish me luck!

I still have all the school supply shopping to do, shoe shopping, and school cloths shopping! Why do I always wait for the last minute? Well I wouldn't be me if I didn't! LOL
This time I have to shop for 3 boys! I am excited and sad at the same time for Trey to finally start Kindergarten! The first time in 14 years that I will be home alone! I guess I am feeling reflective today!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Free stuff!!!!

The amazing people at Trace are offering free stuff to the first 100 people who click thier link on the website!!
Run don't walk to and check it out!!!

Tell them you saw it on Tina's blog! LOL

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Good Tuesday Morning!

Well I haven't been updating much been soo busy!
Ready Set Create Magazine asked me for 8 layouts for the Ocober issue and I am so thrilled because 5 of the were from our trip to to the Nascar Race and my DH is always saying I never scrap our family! LOL That's because I never have good photos of our family! So I am always using other people's photos! So Ready Set Create picked up 5 of our Nascar layouts, All five of them feature the Winter CHA Product lines from Around the Block Products! And 3 other layouts I did using non family members photo's! My precious friend Vicki Maloney's grand daughter Abbey's layout, My good friend Shanili's Daughter's layout and Rox aka Shultzfam's daughter Maycee's layout with the "gross thing she doesn wtih her toes"! I am thrilled!

I decided at the last minute to enter the KI Memories contest and am very happy with my creation, it's off in the mail today! Nothing like cutting it down to the wire. But hey that's when I am most creative! When I am on a deadline and freaking out? Go figure!

I sent a layout I just loved into PaperArts magazine and they loved it and asked me to do 4 more projects to go with the layout for a feature article! I was so jazzed and of course they had to have it in 4 days with shipping so I wipped them out and they loved them and asked me to be a freelance designer for them! Whoo hoo! What a great day that was!

I am still really hoping for Memory Makers Magazine Masters honorable mention! I worked really hard on my submission and don't have hopes of winning but some recognition would be awesome like a few of the layouts to be asked for publication would really make me soo happy! I used products from Around the Block Inc. and Prima on my layouts and would LOVE to see them in print!

The girls at Prima are haveing a ball getting ready for Memory Trends and there is some amazing things comming out like, 4 new paper lines and 35 new colors of Got Flowers and 32 new other flowers and some secrets! LOL Feel free to come over to the message boards and chat about your prima obsessions!!! We love to hear from you!

The girls at Trace are working hard filling the awesome orders from CHA and comming up with some new and amazing things for Memory Trends! Now if you haven't seen the chipper shapes they have you HAVE to! Come on over to the Trace Industries site and check out the new paper and chippers! Wonder around the site I am sure you will find some things you love! And be sure to ask your local scrapbook store to start carrying them! The chippers are amazing with a whole new line of brackets and flowers that come all the way up to 12 inches!! How cool is that?

Mimi and Therm O Web have some awesome things up thier sleeves for Memory Trends as well! But my favorite thing right now is the Vellum Tape runner from Therm O Web! It is so amazing it's a runner that you can not see through vellum, transparencies or anything! I used it recently on some Prima Flowers and ran it through the printer then repositioned it and re ran it through the printer so I printed on each petal and it worked awesome! I used it also on a transparency for MMM! You also have to check out the new MIMI laptop tote! It is so amazing!

Jen at Around the Block is also been very busy and traveling all over the world planning new things for us for Memory Trends! Rumor has it there will be 75 NEW items for us to drool over and play with! I have to say I am loving the tagger tool! You have to go over to the site and check out the new products from Summer CHA! They are just the bomb!

Friday, August 04, 2006

More photos from Kim Hughes!

My new bestest buddy, for "lookin for deer" with!!! Love ya Denny!!! Can't wait till Memory Trends!
The Prima Team!!!

Thanks so much Kim for sending me more CHA Prima photos!!!

You Rock!

This is my all time favorite photo of US!!!
We need to get alot more at Memory Trends!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Favorite photo's from CHA Chicago

The Trace Industries Team!! And a late night Squillen Cookie Feast with the Girls from Flair and Paper Salon!!!

Kim H, Tami and Myself after taking the booth down on Sunday!

Here are some of the Croppers Cottage Peeps!
Me and my new buddy Mitchell!!!

Kim H, Marnie, Tina, Carolynn and Mitchell

Marnie Tina and Carolynn!!

A new week!

Had a great week last week, setteling back in from CHA and finishing up my Memory Makers Master entry! Got it done and copied and all mailed out! Not that I think I have a chance at winning but this was my first attempt at one of the big contests and I really love the layouts that I produced! My hope is to have two of them picked up for pub!

I had a great weekend up north, we boated on Saturday and My sister JoLynn came out to visit on Sunday! We are looking forward to next weekend up there as well!!

They boys are enjoying thier summer vacation playing with the neighborhood kids and riding thier bikes... I am looking forward to school starting as Trey finally starts Kindergarten and I will be home alone for the first time in 14 years! What a change that will be! Maybe I will get a part time job at my Lss or something!

Any way I just thought I would update here and tell you all how much I love reading your comments and love hearing from you!

Have a great week!


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Honey I am home!!

I had the most amazing time at CHA!! I have to thank Wendy for the awesome job she did with the designer reception! I loved meeting everyone!

I met so many people I wanted to meet up with! I met new people that will be forever friends and I missed some of the people I wanted to meet up with!

There is so little time and so many friends at shows like this! I appologize if I didn't get enough time with some of you!

The Prima booth was amazing and I had the best time meeting everyone from Prima that I had not spent time with before!
Denny and Sandy you guys are a blast!
Omar, Diego, and Kristen you guys Rock!
Kellie, Kim, Lara, Joy it was a blast working with you and getting to know you better!
Tami and Pom! You are the bestest bosses EVER!!!

Tami invited me back to Memory Trends and I am thrilled to be going with Prima again!

The new products rocked and the customers are simply the best!

Croppers Cottage Peeps!!!
I was lucky enough to have dinner one night with Kim R, Louise R, Marnie B, Carolynn D, Marnie B, Vici M, Mitchell K, Mark C, Scott C, and the rocstar Ethan!

It was a blast and I am blessed to have friends like you guys in my life!

A special note to my other mother!! I am so gratefull to have gotten to see you and spend time with you again!

Candace from Therm O Web that was a blast driving to dinner for hours LOL with you! Lisa F it was so nice to meet another Wisconsonite! I know we will get together again sometime soon!

Lisa Whitten and Misty Diller it was so nice to spend time at the Trace breakfast with you guys and meet everyone! YOu guys have to check out the new products from!!! Your gonna just love the 12x12 chipboard brackets and flowers!!!!

Ok, that is a short version! There are still so many things that happened and people I met that I will be remembering for weeks I am sure!!

A special note to my cousin Lucas Sweeney! I am so sorry I didn't get up north to see you, but I am grateful that the boys got to see you! I am thinking of you eveyday and praying for you on your deployment! I am very proud of you and wish you health and a safe return home after your tour of duty!!!

Antoher speical note to my mother, who is 79 and still took on my 3 boys for 5 days so I could have this amazing opportunity! You are the best and none of this in my life right now could be possible with out you!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heading out to CHA

Woo HOo!!!

Be sure to stop by the Prima Booth and say hello to me! I can't wait to leave tomarrow! I have a ton of things to do today, pack, drive the boys to Mom up north, get my hair done, finish up some layouts for some booths, LOL.

But tomarrow at 5 AM I am out of here! I am looking forward to meeting so many of my online friends~ Some I have met IRL some I have yet to meet!

I can't wait to see:
Cindy Curtis
Kim Rayas
Kim Hughes
Louise Robb
Carolyn Donohue
Marnie Bushmole
Vicki Maloney
Lisa Faluto
Shannon Allor
Mitchell Kraft
Scott Cotner
There are so many many more, that I only know by avatar!

Laura Achillies
Just to name a few.
If you see me please shout out! You are one person I have to meet!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Prima Sneak Peek~~~

This is the summer CHA Prima Sneak Peek~~~

There are 5 sets of chipboard letters with numbers AND punctuations even the @ sign that MATCH the new Prima papers~

Also Check out the New Flowers~~~
They are big honkin ones all the way down to little ones but they are made from the same patters and coordinate with the Prima Paper!!!!
Wow it sure has been long since I updated this, summer happened! We have been going up to camp every weekend and loving the time away! I am busy this week with projects for cha for my dt's and getting ready for the show next week! I saw a challenge on to do a abc lists of yourself and thought it was time to update this...

Obviously I am avoiding my work that needs to be done today! LOL

I am going to just write the first word that comes to my mind that I think describes me! I guess I am all of these things at times.

A. Animated
B. Bitchy
C. Catty
D. Doughty Girl
E. Envious
F. Friendly
G. Giving
H. Hopeless,
I. Intimidated, Inviting
J. Jovial
K. Keeping it all together
L. Lame, Light hearted
M. Motivating, Motionless
N. Nosey, Nice
O. Overwhelmed
P. Precious friend
Q. Queen bee
R. Rational, Reasonable, Resistant,
S. Stay at home Mom
T. Triston, Treyton and Thornton's Mommy
U. upbeat
V. Victorious
W. Weepy
Y. Youthful

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Craft Pro

Here are some layouts I did using the new craft pro punches!
They make word boarder punches and corner punches that are 4 in one and all of them have the plastic on the bottom to catch the scraps for no mess punching! They also have a lattice punch to run ribbon through and they punch through the BG ad Prima papers with no problems!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

This one is for my Brother Tim! Go Digital or Traditonal Scrapbooking???

While in Colorado on my "Dad's memorial weekend" with my siblings, my brother kept urging me to go digital! He was convinced that, that is where the industry is headed! Now he is a mountain man living in a small town in the mountains of Colorado and owns a thriving towing company, what would he know about my industry?

Well here is an article that blew me away, in the New York Times!

Here are some quotes!

DEVOTEES of the hobby known as scrapbooking spent an estimated $3 billion last year on patterned paper, ribbons, stamps, brads and fabrics. They also spent untold hours combining these things with family photographs to make personal albums.

Many big companies have noted the trend. Conventional scrapbookers are finding tools and materials, called embellishments, in craft stores, drug stores and camera shops. But the main action is on the digital side of the hobby, which is the fastest-growing segment of scrapbooking, attracting novices as well as the most experienced compilers.

Scrapbookers find that going digital solves several problems. For one, they no longer have to devote a room — off limits to children — to store the die cutters, scissors, metal embossers and embellishment materials.

Another advantage is that a scrapbook, stuffed with pages decorated with ribbons, eyelets and mementos, can quickly get thicker than a New York deli sandwich. The albums are hard to peruse and the creators are loath to let people handle them too much because of potential damage. A digital version, whether stored online, on a CD or printed, avoids these problems. And copies can be made in various sizes from coffee-table to souvenir booklets.

OK, so what are your thoughts on this subject!! I am still unwilling to toss my ribbons and rub ons? What about you?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Ok, here is the deal!

I went to my interview and she was amazing@! I could have talked to her for hours! I can't give out any details about the company or the products they are making but there will be a press release sometime soon and then I will be able to spill all the beans!!

I can say I am going to love working for her, with her and with this company! Thank you all for your good vibes while I was going through this and I wish I could tell you more! I am so jazzed about this new adventure!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Scrapbook Resumes Does Work

I was a way for the holiday weekend and when I arrived home Tuesday there was an email from a company in my inbox!! How exciting! The title of the email was "I love your work we need to talk"!

I called her and we talked for quite a while! I asked her how she found my name and she said she was cruising the Scrapbook Resumes Gallery and some of my layouts really caught her eye!
Wow isn't that the coolest thing?

I am driving to Chicago today to meet with her! I can't really give you any more details than that but I am thrilled and also scared! This will be my first in real live interview in over 10 years!

I will update when I can!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I am home!!

Dad's weekend was a blast! We headed up to the mountains on Thursday till Sunday and then relaxed in Westminster Sunday night and monday!! While in the Mt.'s we shopped for 8 hours a day for two days!!

We stayed near silverthorne, where it is like a valley filled with outlet malls and resturants~

My mom had us 6 girls and one boy, and she bought us all t-shirts before she came out there that said "Mom likes me best"! And she got herself one that said "MOM"...

Here we all are wearing them at dinner on Thursday night!

I really had an amazing time bonding, laughing and crying with my family! My dad would be so proud that we have made this commitment to do this one weekend a year!

Friday, May 05, 2006

My new best friend!

The big bottle of un do!!
You can get it at alot of links.. on the web.. it is sold for so much cheaper than you find in "scrapbooking stores"! I got this bottle!for 21.99 for 32oz!

Most scrap stores sell it from 5.99 to 8.99 for 1oz! I did the search and saved the links if anyone wants to see that some are selling it for 8.99 for a 1 oz bottle.. LOL

What you have to do is look for un du framing remover! Same acid free! Same product exactly just sold to different market!I just pour it into my little bottle when I need a refill!

So this bottle I got for 21.00 should have been 192.00!!

Here is the link!

here is a link to someone selling it for 5.00 for 1oz!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Thursday~

For some reason in my mind Thursday reminds me of scrapping!! I always do my best most creative work on Thursdays??

Had a great week, moved around bedrooms, like exchanged physical rooms for other rooms in my house all weekend and into the week and the house is finally all back together! Now I want to paint my scrap studio! But first I have quite a few DT things I need to work on!

I did shop alittle for my trip to Denver the 18th! I so wish I knew what the weather was going to be like up there! Do I take capri's or is it going to be snow? Someone help a Wisconsin eite out! I know we have a harsh winter but when the snow is gone in May it is gone for the year! LOL

I wanted to do alittle blog challenge:

10 Foods I can not say no to if offered to me!

But I can only literally think of 1!?
Angle food candy!

I can and do turn down most things if I am not super hungry... That was a hard one for me.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I am so Proud

This is my cousin Lucas! He joined the military last year and is doing so great! Here are some photo's of him from his first unit ball!

His scheduled for special training for a month comming up this month and then he may be leaving for over seas very soon after that! My family and I are so proud of him and his mom!
Look how happy and handsome he is!

I am packing up a goodie box for him today! What are some things you would add? What are some things your loved ones ask for?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Denver Baby!!

Whoo Hooo! I booked my ticket for our annual "Dad"s weekend in May!
All my sisters and our brother get together to honor the memory and celebrate the life of our father in May!
I was so struggleing with this trip this year, with the expence to go to Denver, and the child care problems. With the help of my family it is all worked out and I will be able to go!

I was devistated inside to think that I would not be there with them for this meaningfull weekend and "Dad" really stepped in and made things work out! I am so thankful that I can go! It is going to be such an amazing weekend both spiritually and emotionally for me!

My tickets are all booked and my bags can be packed in no time! Now to get to work on some projects that I need to finish up and life is good!

I hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Honest opinions please!

OK, I would like some honest opinions here, you can post annon if you like, I don't need to know who thinks what, I just want to hear what the general opinion is on this subject!

Ok, being Easter I got to thinking about this saying,
"He has risen"

What if someone had a boat that sunk and was fully restored and the owner was looking for a name of it, and that persons neighbor, a very religious man by the way, suggested the name,
"He has risen" for the boat?

Now growing up catholic, I think this is a terrible name, am I being to judgemental?
Is it sacraligious to name an object with a phrase that signifies the lord, on the most special day in the hystory of that religion? Am I thinking this to deeply.

Just please tell me what you think on this subject!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Already?

Wow this week has flown by! I think it is the weather! Making me feel like I should be outside doing things, while deadlines are making me feel like I NEED to be downstairs doing something!

I have wrapped up the idea book I have been working on and just need the photo concent contracts signed by some photographers and I am all set to mail the box to the publisher!!

The boys and I have recovered from spring break and are settleing into our routines again!

I still can't figure out how to get to CO for the "Dads" weekend with my family. I can not justify paying 1300.00 in play tickets for 3 days... Still working all that out!

Well spring is in the air, time to tackle some cob webs... LOL

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jobs you have had in your life:
1. Purfume Sprayer at department store
2. assembly line at bomb factory!
3. Burger King, would you like fri's with that?
4. Quality Control at cookie factory, worked w/elfs

Four places you've lived:
1. Wisconsin Rapids, WI
2. Beloit WI
3. Thornton CO
4. Westminster CO

Four movies you could watch over and over
1. Grease
2. Gone with the wind
3. Pretty Woman
4. Dirty Dancing (nobody puts baby in a corner)

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. OC
2. ER
3. Survivor
4. Law and order- Any version will do

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. Up north WI Snowmobiling
2. Canada Snowmobiling
3. Mich Nascar Race
4. Kentucky

Four websites I visit daily:
1. Cropper's Cottage
2. blogs
3. i don't know
4. i can't think

Four of my favorite foods:
1. hamburgers
2. Hamburgers
3. Ham cheese and potatoe chip sandwiches
4. Portisi Pizza, either frozen or from Silvio's in my home town

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Down stairs scrappin, but the couch is too warm and comfy
2. Scrappin with my family up north, JO, Carm, Mary, Rox are you reading this?
3. In Co visiting my Brother Tim or Sister Natta
4. Heck, why not on a beach in Jamaica!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I wanna play tag!!!

I have been hoping to be taged so I have something to write about, but alas nobody is probably reading this stupid things cuz I never have anything interesting to say....

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chatterbox Make It Meaningful Contest!

I am posting my MIM entry here so you can see it in video form, as I made two albums in one.. the before then the after! You turn each page by grabbing the ribbon with the next page number on it, then you get to the back and flip the entire album over and it becomes the front and you go through it again..

I was really not suprised not to get a call, I had my album all set but ran out of time with my printing of the pages and mailing in.. I procrastinated too long. That is going to be a major thing I work on with my self in the future! But it was an amazing learning experience and I have absolutely no regrets!!

Here it is!

As a side note,
alot of the things that were told to me were taken as a child..
My mom would say, "Oh you woke up ugly today" If I was crabby.
or "get that ugly look off your face" if I was snotty. etc.... but as a child I took all these things literally...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Busy Week!

I just wanted to send out a huge congradulations to all the new CK Hall of Famers!!
I am so proud of you and happy for you I hope you have a wonderful year! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I have been busy this week, working on some freelance stuff for manufacturers and alot of things for an upcomming idea book.

The boys are doing great and Triston's Spring sing is tonight.
He is singing Elvis songs and Rockin Robin, which is gonna be so neat since Daddy's name is Robin!!

I will be sure to have my camera!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Good Sunny Saturday Morning!

I have alittle time to my self today and thought it was time to update a few things...

Alyssa's Dream:
I am still trying really hard to get Alyssa's layouts published for Vicki! Please read down to some archived posts here to add your suggestions on how to do it.

Colorado Trip:
I am working out the details on my Colorodao trip... But am running into a ton of road blocks..
Every year we (my 5 sisiters and brother) take one weekend away to honor our late father and get together to re bond~ I feel this is so important with all of us living all over the country and busy with our everyday lives, that we NEED this weekend to be together! This year some of the husbands are comming to Colorado with some of my sisters and (We) are going up to a cabin in the mountains for the weekend and they are staying back to golf with the other husbands.. that leaves my husband out..
Here are my road blocks this year!
It is in Colorado and I live in WI. I can get a ticket that is not the road block!
My 3 boys are in school... I could pull them out and take them with but there is no where for me to take them when I get there, when (WE) go up to the mountains...
My husband wanted to come when he heard that the other husbands were comming, but he, we didn't realize that the other husbands were NOT comming up to the cabin for the weekend for the (Sisters get away)...
My mother who does all my babysitting for CHA's and Memory Trends etc.. is also going to Colorado for that week, so I have no sitter at home either. My dh will probably stay home to work now, but that still leaves me with out a sitter. I literally know no one who can sit with Trey when the other two are in school, and car pool the other two to and from school..
Thus my road blocks!
Can't go alone, no sitter here...
Can't take them with no sitte there...
Can't bring hubby with and leave him with the other husbands and 3 kids...

Exciting News to share:
I do have exiting news on the designing front though:
A Company asked me to join their "Team" to work on an upcomming Idea book!
A Magazine asked me for a layout! Finally one of MY children will be in a magazine!
Paper Arts Jan/Feb/March issue is on the shelves, with my neice Maycee's layout and two cards in it.. the one I made for my sister Penny and a Thank You card for my dearest friend Vicki!~
Prima has some really exciting things comming up!
I am still waiting on the Package from Therm O Web.. To get me started on that new endeavor!

CHA -VS- 20th Class Reunion~
That is still weighing heavily on my mind... I just don't know how to do both, if it is even possible and which one to choose if I don't do both!

Well I am off to the hardware store to get a tiny Phillips screw driver and some wide tape, yes these are both for some things I am working on, scrapooking related!! LOL

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am soo sad!

I just got my invitation to my 20th class reunion which I was sooo looking forward to!
The same weekend as CHA in Chicago!!

I guess I am thinking I can drive the 2 hours up north on Thursday to my home town and then go Friday night to the first night of it, then drive the 4 hours down past my house to Chicago to CHA and have Saturday and Sunday there?? Dang it!! Why does it have to be the same weekend? The only 2 things I have been looking forward to for this summer?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Good Monday Morning!

We had green grass yesterday when we awoke and then it started! The boys had a ball playing in the snow... for what I HOPE is the last time for the year! The neiborhood kids all came over and they snowmoblied all day long.. Until someone came in with a bloody nose from a snowball fight and I shut them all down for the night!

For my family, the boys are getting so big.. Here are some photo's of them from yesterday!

We are thinking that we are driving out there in May, and they are all looking forward to seeing you all and getting to know thier cousins!

Friday, March 03, 2006


I have just finished uploading all the new release products in the what's new at

Be sure to check out the last week of what's news for the new things!

Here is what is in!

7 Gypsies!

Chatterbox Papers
Chatterbox new rooms Printed Cardstock
Chatterbox Journaling Kits
Chatterbox Transparency Quotes and sticker letters

Basicgrey new lines with monograms
Basicgrey rub ons

My Minds Eye Title rub ons
Wild Asparagus 3
Kaleidoscope 3

New Prima Flowers

3 Bugs in a Rug

Thursday, March 02, 2006

DT Call

Starting March 1st thru March 15th we here at Cropper’s Cottage will be accepting applications for the New Design Team here at the Cottage.

go to you will find the complete information in the sofa area!

Good luck to all who enter!

Resumes MATTER!

I truely believe they matter and make the difference, if a company is on the fence about hiring you for the DT, they have something to reference you to!

I know this because I added a tracker to my resume a couple weeks ago and so did a friend of mine. We noticed a company came into our resumes two times the day before the calls went out for their DT and we both got the calls..

With the tracker that we chose, we can tell where they came from and where they went after our resume! They came to us by searching our name in the reusme site and then went on from our resumes to other perspective DT members from there.

I used they are free and you have the choice to chose from different looking trackers including invisible ones!
They track who, what location they are from, for how long, how many page view and where they came from and where they went to after ward! They give you a summary of all the visitors then you can click on each individual ones for more information!

I highly recommend this~

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Therm O Web Rocks!!

I can not believe I got that call!!!
This is a dream team to be on!!
I am so honored to be a part of this amazing team!

Around the block called and picked up a layout for their upcomming idea book, and they want me to freelance for them!

What a great day it is today!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I did it! It's done and out of my hands!

Well after staying up until 3 am on Sunday night and working all day yesterday and then starting the printing process today, I mailed it...
My Chatterbox Make It Meaningful contest entry went out the door!

I ran to the mailboxes ect. where I mail everything and asked what time does something have to be here to be postmarked todays date and she replied. "3:00"!
What it was already 3 oclock then!! I had ran out of white cardstock with 5 more pages to print! Cut my finger and got blood all over some pages! Xyroned an entire page on upside down and had to undo it! But all was well until she told me that!

She said I could mail it down town at that post office and they may be open till 5:30! So I am still printing photo's of the actual finshed all together album while DH is in the car to take me to the post office! We arrive at 5:31!! I was devistated until we turned the corner and the parking lot was full!! They are open till 6:00 daily!!
Good to know!! Incase I ever loose my mind and decide to enter one of these mega contests again!!! NOT!

Any way it is gone, the album in completed! What a huge accomplishment! It's out of my hands now!

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Alyssa's Work

These are the works of the angel who passed in July, that she made for her 3 year old daughter before god made her an angel last summer!

I am going to try to make her mothers dream a reality by getting them published somewhere, some how! Please continue to read on, and give any adive you have for us!

Thank you to all who have helped out so far!


Dear Abbey,
We spent Easter at Grandma & Papa Maloney's home.
You had such a wonderful time looking for eggs with your
cousins Elaina and Anna even though you were a little
"under the weather" (sad). Grandma went crazy with the
camera! (smile)

You are my one and only beautiful little girl. I love you so much Ms. Abigaile!
Written with love on 4-14-05

Butterfly kisses by Alyssa Narloch

Dear Abbey,

You had so much fun at the Milwaukee Public Museum with Mommy, Grandma and Papa.
You loved looking at the dinosaurs and you thought it was so cool to have the butterflies
land on your hands. I love you beautiful Abigaile!

Page made on 2-21-05


Inspire by Alyssa Narloch

Hidden journaling:

We went to Grant Park with daddy in September 2004.
You had so much fun! Always smiling which puts such huge
smiles on our faces as well (smile). I love you so much Abigaile.
Thank you for your beauty and your wonderful personality.

Made for you with love,
April 14, 2004


Princess in Training:

Hidden journaling:

I love you so much Abbey!
You are such an intelligent, beautiful young lady.
Smile Always, I love you!!
Made 4 you with love!
Mommy 2-22-05


Berry Cute!

Abbey you are just so 'berry' cute! We went to grandma's house and you just loved your strawberries! You ate the whole bowl! The one you are holding in your hand you looked at it and said "look mommy, it looks like a 'butt!' We just all giggled. Abbey I just can't get enough of you! Love, Mommy July 2004



This is the journaling:


I just want you to know just how much I love you! I could never imagine just how much someone could love until you were born and you showed me that it is unexplainable of how much OLIVE YOU... This was a knock-knock joke that I would always say to you and you would always reply " I love you too..." It was so cute always! You put a smile on my face every morning as soon as I see your beautiful, adorable face! Thank you! mwa-mwa, Mommy XOXO (dated 2-23-2005)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Help me help her live on~

Alyssa was a dear friend and a daughter to an even more amazing friend of mine! Alyssa became an angel in July after an automobile accident and left behind a 4 yr. old daughter Abbey. Alysa and her mother Vicki were both were avid scrapbookers and members of several scrapbooking message boards. Vicki so wants her daughter's memory to live on! Please help me find a way to get some of these memorial layouts, and Alyssa's personal layouts she has done into some magazines...

Any advice?

My dear friend~

These layouts were done by me, in honor of Alyssa and her mom Vicki!
Written by Alyssas mother a dear friend of mine Vicki Maloney!
Alyssa Narloch who was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 03, 1983 and became an angel on July 06, 2005 at the age of 22. She is now one of God's most beautiful angels in heaven.

Alyssa was a beautiful person both inside and outside. Her smile was absolutely priceless and infectious. You could get lost in her gorgeous green eyes. Her hugs were warm and so loving. You could get lost in her hugs and wish they would never end. She was a devoted, wonderful, fun and loving mommy to her beloved daughter Abbey who will forever miss the love of her mommy. Alyssa once told me that "Abbey puts butterflies on my heart" and I know that those butterflies will be there forever and ever. Alyssa and Abbey were always together. Whether it was stopping by and visiting or running to do someones hair. Alyssa was an extremely gifted hairdresser who was able to color and style hair like no other. She loved being a hairdresser, it was one of the things she truly wanted to do when she grew up. I'm so greatful that she was able to enjoy this dream of hers.

Another one of Alyssa's greatest loves was scrapbooking...something she absolutely loved doing. She was extremely creative and so unbelievably talented, able to design a layout that was both beautiful and meaningful. She taught me the art of journaling, something she poured her heart and soul into. Her layouts have such beautiful messages for Abbey and I know this will mean so much to Abbey as she gets older. Alyssa had so much left to do with her scrapbooking, she had so many goals to achieve but her time was cut short. I do believe that Alyssa would have been published any goal is to get one of her layouts published to fulfill this very real dream of Alyssa's.

Another one of Alyssa's greatest loves was her family! She cherished the time we all spent together and loved every minute of it. I know this is one of the hardest things for me is to be at family functions waiting for her to arrive her usually fashionably late self! That was Alyssa though and that was so totally o.k. to do. She lived a very busy life with no time really for herself.Alyssa had a special way of constantly giving and caring for others, even when she herself was down and low.

Alyssa's final act of giving of herself was through organ donation. Two beautiful people live on now because of Alyssa. They are truly lucky to have a part of Alyssa with them forever. They received her kidneys and now are back to leading normal lives.Alyssa's love will be felt forever ... we will all miss Alyssa and think of her until we meet again one day. She has been taken up to heaven much too early.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bitting my nails!!!

OK, it's gone! Out of my hands! My Therm O Web finalist entries have left the building! Now the nail bitting begins!! Wonder if they like them, wonder if they got them, wonder when they will make a decision, wonder when they will start making calls, wonder if I will get one, wonder.............


The more time I am on this DT the more I love it! We just got our "assignments" for the next few months and they are gonna blow you away!! I am so excited about the upcomming things they have going on! But mummms the word~~

I am working out the details for my trip to Colorado in May, everything seems a go!! I just have to figure out if my kids are comming with me or staying home and book the flight!

Whoo Hoo!! Great day so far, here in Wisconsin!

Monday is my day off!

Whoo Hoo!! I love Mondays! I am a stay at home mom of 3 boys and weekends are always so hectic, we usually travel. So Monday's have become my day off! I catch up on things that I want to, not things that need to be done! LOL

So today so far, I finished up some layouts for one of the DT's. Not even due till March 1! That is a record for me!

Friday, February 17, 2006


I want to try to make a post daily, but I have asked my self a few questions regarding this whole blogging thing? Who am I doing this for? Am I trying to further my self in the scrapbooking world? Am I trying to have a place for my friends and family to come and see what is going on in my world? Can I write my true feelings with out fearing offending someone? What do I hope to accomplish with this blog thing? An outlet for my feelings, hopes, dreams, and also sadnesses and fears? How can I express them with out looking obnoxious, or weak? I guess the full moon has me all up in a tither, feelings flying left and right with no real reason or purpose. I am going to ask the question: Why do you blog and see what others feel about this... I will keep you posted.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

OMGosh!! I just got the call from Candace at Thermo Web! I am one of the 10 finalists in the Altered Art Design Team Contest!! I am so so so excited!
Off to get my projects ready for mailing for final inspection!! Whoo Hooo!!

Trip to Colorado in May

Everyone is gearing up for the 2nd annual "Dad" weekend in May this year! I am still in my planning stages but I WILL BE THERE!
are all booked on the same flight! Sounds like it is going to be an awesome time! I will keep you updated on my travel arrangements!


I was fortunate enought to go to CHA in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and I have to say I had the time of my life! I met women who I have been friends with online that I know will be life long friends!
Cindy Curtis, Oh my gosh! If you ever have a chance to meet this fantastic woman go out of your way! She is amazing! Her outlook on life and teaching will amaze you!
Kim Hughes, she has become a really good friend of mine and I am so glad I had the opportunity to see her again!
Tami Indra, It was so nice to finally meet her in person! She is the sweetest person you will ever meet! She also has the business sence of a lion!
Kim Rayas, what can I say! She is one of my dearest friends on earth! Our relationship has gone from an online friendship to a real life sisterhood! I value her opinions and cherish our relationship!
Louise Robb, she is an amazing woman as well! I am so glad I had some time with her and got to know her alittle better! She would give you the shirt off her back! I am lucky to call her a friend!
And I met some in person that I have been wanting to meet and look forward to getting to know better, Kitty Foster, Thena, Lori Briggs~

The new products that were released this show are amazing as well! Prima blew me away! There are some very exciting things comming this year from Prima so keep your ears to the ground! Can't say much now but soon, very soon! LOL my favorite shopping place online made some fantastic orders at CHA so be on the look out for the new items comming into the store!
Right now they have available for pre order:
Scenic Route
KI Memories

There is alot of new Heidi Swapp and 3 Bugs in a Rug already in the "What's new"!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This was a very painful layout to do, but I feel better now that I have my feelings out on paper!

here is the journaling:

Every time I look at this… the one and only photo that has our entire family in it, and actually all clean, I can’t help but break into tears.
We went home for Robins baby brothers wedding. Back to our home town where our families live. My father was struggling with A.L.S. and we stayed at their house. What a happy day this was going to be. My husbands little brother was tying the knot and my husband and my 3 boys were in the wedding. This was going to be such a proud moment for me to see my 4 guys all in tuxes, my 4 men at their best. After the rehearsal dinner the night before I spent a lot of time with my dad, I rubbed his aching legs and rubbed lotion on his ailing back and we just sat together. The A.L.S. had taken away his ability to speak, but there was no need to speak the words of love we felt about each other. There was no uncomfortable silence in the room that night. Just a little girl and her daddy, I felt safe and happy. I felt at home. What a great weekend this was going to be.
The next morning I arose early to spend some time with him. Then began to get all he boys cleaned up and into their tuxedos, including my husband. I had my sister come over to do my hair, which I would have never done, but our relationship had blossomed thanks to my fathers illness. We truly became the sisters that we never were and anything in the past was the past and our father’s love did that for us. I remember leaving the house, and saying goodbye to him. He motioned to the boys to spin around in circles so he could check them out in their tuxedos, and gave us all a great big thumbs up with his huge infectious smile.
The photographs were taken before the ceremony in the church and the boys were so amazing. The ceremony was so special, I cried at the new love and new life beginning before me, with all it’s dreams and expectations. Then as the bride and groom walked out of the church to start their new adventure, I saw my niece standing in back of the church.
I knew, my knees buckled, my heart ached. I could not get to her fast enough. When I did all she said “Grandpa Passed”. My world was spinning, spinning out of control. She told me he passed an hour ago, which would have been exactly when we were taking the photos, and that he was still at home if I got there quick enough I could say goodbye. The world was silent, I could see everyone hugging and laughing around me, standing in this beautiful church, the bride and groom, my 3 boys, my husband…. How would I tell them? How could I say it out loud, how could this be happening, how could my father be gone? I managed to get the words out to my in-laws and they said “go, just go.” I did, I drove the 30 minute drive back to my parents as fast as I could, my heart racing, the tears streaming down my face, until I was about a block from the house. I could not make the gas go, I could not turn that corner, I could not breath. I knew my life would never be the same, my body was numb, there was music on the radio but I couldn’t here it, my fingers on the wheel were like icicles.
I did turn that corner, I did say good bye and my life will never be the same again. That is the real story behind this gorgeous one and only family photo.
Happy Valentines Day!
This is my first attempt at a blog so please be patient with me!