Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Day At CHA

I didn't get Paris Hiltons autograph but I DID get a photo with the the Orange Crayon with Sharon!!

By the last day were all alittle giddy from no sleep! Here are some silly photos of all of us in the Prima booth trying to be Charlies Angles!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Valentines DaY!

A few things I have been working on along with 3 more Prima Classes I will be teaching all over this spring.
I will give you sneak peeks of them as soon as I can!

CHA Winter 09

CHA was a blast! We were exhausted every night but it is always worth the fun we have. Our hotel was right across the parking lot from Disney! You could hear the people screaming on the rides when we came home from dinner! It was just such a great experience! I had so much fun with all the Prima Peeps! Adrienne is such a hoot she almost had me peeing in my pants a few times! She definately IS the most "blonde" brunette I have ever met! I had the best time with Denny and Donny this trip too! They are simply the best~

Here is a photo from dinner, Ade playing with her camera settings and me telling a story with my hands of course! Also a photo of the Prima Booth, we were the busiest booth at th show the entire time! I let Denny order my meal at a mexican restaurant and this was my first bite of it! By the way no I didn't finish it, way too hot for this Wisconsin girl.