Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Craft Pro

Here are some layouts I did using the new craft pro punches!
They make word boarder punches and corner punches that are 4 in one and all of them have the plastic on the bottom to catch the scraps for no mess punching! They also have a lattice punch to run ribbon through and they punch through the BG ad Prima papers with no problems!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

This one is for my Brother Tim! Go Digital or Traditonal Scrapbooking???

While in Colorado on my "Dad's memorial weekend" with my siblings, my brother kept urging me to go digital! He was convinced that, that is where the industry is headed! Now he is a mountain man living in a small town in the mountains of Colorado and owns a thriving towing company, what would he know about my industry?

Well here is an article that blew me away, in the New York Times!

Here are some quotes!

DEVOTEES of the hobby known as scrapbooking spent an estimated $3 billion last year on patterned paper, ribbons, stamps, brads and fabrics. They also spent untold hours combining these things with family photographs to make personal albums.

Many big companies have noted the trend. Conventional scrapbookers are finding tools and materials, called embellishments, in craft stores, drug stores and camera shops. But the main action is on the digital side of the hobby, which is the fastest-growing segment of scrapbooking, attracting novices as well as the most experienced compilers.

Scrapbookers find that going digital solves several problems. For one, they no longer have to devote a room — off limits to children — to store the die cutters, scissors, metal embossers and embellishment materials.

Another advantage is that a scrapbook, stuffed with pages decorated with ribbons, eyelets and mementos, can quickly get thicker than a New York deli sandwich. The albums are hard to peruse and the creators are loath to let people handle them too much because of potential damage. A digital version, whether stored online, on a CD or printed, avoids these problems. And copies can be made in various sizes from coffee-table to souvenir booklets.

OK, so what are your thoughts on this subject!! I am still unwilling to toss my ribbons and rub ons? What about you?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Ok, here is the deal!

I went to my interview and she was amazing@! I could have talked to her for hours! I can't give out any details about the company or the products they are making but there will be a press release sometime soon and then I will be able to spill all the beans!!

I can say I am going to love working for her, with her and with this company! Thank you all for your good vibes while I was going through this and I wish I could tell you more! I am so jazzed about this new adventure!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Scrapbook Resumes Does Work

I was a way for the holiday weekend and when I arrived home Tuesday there was an email from a company in my inbox!! How exciting! The title of the email was "I love your work we need to talk"!

I called her and we talked for quite a while! I asked her how she found my name and she said she was cruising the Scrapbook Resumes Gallery and some of my layouts really caught her eye!
Wow isn't that the coolest thing?

I am driving to Chicago today to meet with her! I can't really give you any more details than that but I am thrilled and also scared! This will be my first in real live interview in over 10 years!

I will update when I can!