Thursday, March 30, 2006

I wanna play tag!!!

I have been hoping to be taged so I have something to write about, but alas nobody is probably reading this stupid things cuz I never have anything interesting to say....

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chatterbox Make It Meaningful Contest!

I am posting my MIM entry here so you can see it in video form, as I made two albums in one.. the before then the after! You turn each page by grabbing the ribbon with the next page number on it, then you get to the back and flip the entire album over and it becomes the front and you go through it again..

I was really not suprised not to get a call, I had my album all set but ran out of time with my printing of the pages and mailing in.. I procrastinated too long. That is going to be a major thing I work on with my self in the future! But it was an amazing learning experience and I have absolutely no regrets!!

Here it is!

As a side note,
alot of the things that were told to me were taken as a child..
My mom would say, "Oh you woke up ugly today" If I was crabby.
or "get that ugly look off your face" if I was snotty. etc.... but as a child I took all these things literally...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Busy Week!

I just wanted to send out a huge congradulations to all the new CK Hall of Famers!!
I am so proud of you and happy for you I hope you have a wonderful year! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I have been busy this week, working on some freelance stuff for manufacturers and alot of things for an upcomming idea book.

The boys are doing great and Triston's Spring sing is tonight.
He is singing Elvis songs and Rockin Robin, which is gonna be so neat since Daddy's name is Robin!!

I will be sure to have my camera!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Good Sunny Saturday Morning!

I have alittle time to my self today and thought it was time to update a few things...

Alyssa's Dream:
I am still trying really hard to get Alyssa's layouts published for Vicki! Please read down to some archived posts here to add your suggestions on how to do it.

Colorado Trip:
I am working out the details on my Colorodao trip... But am running into a ton of road blocks..
Every year we (my 5 sisiters and brother) take one weekend away to honor our late father and get together to re bond~ I feel this is so important with all of us living all over the country and busy with our everyday lives, that we NEED this weekend to be together! This year some of the husbands are comming to Colorado with some of my sisters and (We) are going up to a cabin in the mountains for the weekend and they are staying back to golf with the other husbands.. that leaves my husband out..
Here are my road blocks this year!
It is in Colorado and I live in WI. I can get a ticket that is not the road block!
My 3 boys are in school... I could pull them out and take them with but there is no where for me to take them when I get there, when (WE) go up to the mountains...
My husband wanted to come when he heard that the other husbands were comming, but he, we didn't realize that the other husbands were NOT comming up to the cabin for the weekend for the (Sisters get away)...
My mother who does all my babysitting for CHA's and Memory Trends etc.. is also going to Colorado for that week, so I have no sitter at home either. My dh will probably stay home to work now, but that still leaves me with out a sitter. I literally know no one who can sit with Trey when the other two are in school, and car pool the other two to and from school..
Thus my road blocks!
Can't go alone, no sitter here...
Can't take them with no sitte there...
Can't bring hubby with and leave him with the other husbands and 3 kids...

Exciting News to share:
I do have exiting news on the designing front though:
A Company asked me to join their "Team" to work on an upcomming Idea book!
A Magazine asked me for a layout! Finally one of MY children will be in a magazine!
Paper Arts Jan/Feb/March issue is on the shelves, with my neice Maycee's layout and two cards in it.. the one I made for my sister Penny and a Thank You card for my dearest friend Vicki!~
Prima has some really exciting things comming up!
I am still waiting on the Package from Therm O Web.. To get me started on that new endeavor!

CHA -VS- 20th Class Reunion~
That is still weighing heavily on my mind... I just don't know how to do both, if it is even possible and which one to choose if I don't do both!

Well I am off to the hardware store to get a tiny Phillips screw driver and some wide tape, yes these are both for some things I am working on, scrapooking related!! LOL

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am soo sad!

I just got my invitation to my 20th class reunion which I was sooo looking forward to!
The same weekend as CHA in Chicago!!

I guess I am thinking I can drive the 2 hours up north on Thursday to my home town and then go Friday night to the first night of it, then drive the 4 hours down past my house to Chicago to CHA and have Saturday and Sunday there?? Dang it!! Why does it have to be the same weekend? The only 2 things I have been looking forward to for this summer?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Good Monday Morning!

We had green grass yesterday when we awoke and then it started! The boys had a ball playing in the snow... for what I HOPE is the last time for the year! The neiborhood kids all came over and they snowmoblied all day long.. Until someone came in with a bloody nose from a snowball fight and I shut them all down for the night!

For my family, the boys are getting so big.. Here are some photo's of them from yesterday!

We are thinking that we are driving out there in May, and they are all looking forward to seeing you all and getting to know thier cousins!

Friday, March 03, 2006


I have just finished uploading all the new release products in the what's new at

Be sure to check out the last week of what's news for the new things!

Here is what is in!

7 Gypsies!

Chatterbox Papers
Chatterbox new rooms Printed Cardstock
Chatterbox Journaling Kits
Chatterbox Transparency Quotes and sticker letters

Basicgrey new lines with monograms
Basicgrey rub ons

My Minds Eye Title rub ons
Wild Asparagus 3
Kaleidoscope 3

New Prima Flowers

3 Bugs in a Rug

Thursday, March 02, 2006

DT Call

Starting March 1st thru March 15th we here at Cropper’s Cottage will be accepting applications for the New Design Team here at the Cottage.

go to you will find the complete information in the sofa area!

Good luck to all who enter!

Resumes MATTER!

I truely believe they matter and make the difference, if a company is on the fence about hiring you for the DT, they have something to reference you to!

I know this because I added a tracker to my resume a couple weeks ago and so did a friend of mine. We noticed a company came into our resumes two times the day before the calls went out for their DT and we both got the calls..

With the tracker that we chose, we can tell where they came from and where they went after our resume! They came to us by searching our name in the reusme site and then went on from our resumes to other perspective DT members from there.

I used they are free and you have the choice to chose from different looking trackers including invisible ones!
They track who, what location they are from, for how long, how many page view and where they came from and where they went to after ward! They give you a summary of all the visitors then you can click on each individual ones for more information!

I highly recommend this~

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Therm O Web Rocks!!

I can not believe I got that call!!!
This is a dream team to be on!!
I am so honored to be a part of this amazing team!

Around the block called and picked up a layout for their upcomming idea book, and they want me to freelance for them!

What a great day it is today!