Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

Fall is sorta a sad time of year for me, since I am such a summer time girl! But now that the boys are getting older it is becoming the season I look forward to getting back into the studio and getting some work done. I seem to neglect things in the summer!

Rhett and Scarlett are growing with leaps and bounds, Rhett's last vet visit showed he was over 110 lbs. at 8 months old! Here is a new photo of them! I couldn't resist adding one of Rhett 6 months ago! Look at his head and paws now! They are twice as big as Robs already!


DawnW said...

Holy cow, they are HUGE! But they are so dang cute too!

I have been neglecting all my blogging buddies with all the fall sports stuff, but it is coming to an end and I should be around more...that class sounds like fun....hmm.

Carolyn said...

You are still around! LOL

I do hope everything is going good with you and everyone is well. I was happy to see you post on my blog. Of course it's always good to hear from you.
I do have a question for you. I was curious if the baubles are out for Prima's bauble stamp? Hope that made sense. I am about to order the stamp, but haven't seen the baubles anywhere, and I need those baubles. So if you could let me know, I would really appreciate it.

Kim Hughes said...

:) Just stumbled across your blog. Your dogs are gorgeous!!

Dawnmichele said...

I love your doggies...But when will you be having puppies????