Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chatterbox Make It Meaningful Contest!

I am posting my MIM entry here so you can see it in video form, as I made two albums in one.. the before then the after! You turn each page by grabbing the ribbon with the next page number on it, then you get to the back and flip the entire album over and it becomes the front and you go through it again..

I was really not suprised not to get a call, I had my album all set but ran out of time with my printing of the pages and mailing in.. I procrastinated too long. That is going to be a major thing I work on with my self in the future! But it was an amazing learning experience and I have absolutely no regrets!!

Here it is!

As a side note,
alot of the things that were told to me were taken as a child..
My mom would say, "Oh you woke up ugly today" If I was crabby.
or "get that ugly look off your face" if I was snotty. etc.... but as a child I took all these things literally...


Mary Jo said...

Tina, your album is absolutely beautiful!! I love the way you put it together so that it flips to the good. So, so creative! So sad, but what a triumph for you in the end!!
Also so cool to see the video and hear you talking. Almost like getting to see you in person :)

Jayne said...

This is an amazing album Tina! What a way to express how you feel and to change your lifes ways! This is just so cool! I may have to do something on the line of this struggles and all and making a change. It's a good way to go back on and see how we have progressed. Thanks for the inspiration! By the way..your a beautiful person!

JoE said...

awesome album Tina!!!

Thanks for sharing it, and what a unique idea.

It really helps to make an album like this...good therapy.

Wanda E. Santiago said...

What a beautiful beautiful album Tina awesome job!! What an honor to get to see it and being able to share with you!! It was awesome meeting you and can I say to you that you are trully beautiful more than you know!! Hugs Wanda

Julia said...

Wow Tina..what an album! You should be so proud of yourself for making such a truthful album that really puts things out there!! Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!

And're not ugly!

Vicki said...

Tina you're work is as amazing as you are! Your creativity really shines in this Chatterbox project!! Girl you Rock! I love this book about you...and I love you!! You were never ugly and you never will be!

Huge hugs!

Todd said...

Very good. Not much more to say. Been there, done that comes to mind. But you really laid it out to continue on with life.

Great job.

Next video calm down. You did a remarkable job on a difficult path. Be confident that you are capable of being and doing "beautiful" (as a metaphor)